Living Without the Fluff

The Nester is my hero.  Seriously.  Thank you!

I've been working on packing up our house in order to move in about a month.  Knick knacks, vases, party platters, photo frames, costume jewelry, extra linens, you name it.  And guess what?  Turns out it feels really good to remove unnecessary schtuff from my house.  Turns out, it's kinda nice to have a slightly empty house for a change.  Turns out I'm participating in 30 Days Without Accessories brought to you by The Nester.


Okay, so I'm very, very inadvertently participating, while also basically doing this challenge too.  But I'm vowing to go for at least 30 days in our new house without a bunch of extra fluff.  I want to live in the house for a while and see how we function.  Then, when I can't stand it anymore I'll start adding my pretty stuff back in.

I feel this is a super fantastic way to get a feel for what we actually want to keep around in our new home.  Moving is kinda a big deal.  The chances that everything you currently own is going to work perfectly in your new home is kinda like thinking your four-year-old isn't going to cry when you start eating a popsicle and haven't offered her one, too.

I think I might be psychic.

No, really.


I foresee a majorly phat yard sale in my near-ish future.