Mani Monday - Rimmel and Bold Gold

 I know I'm a little late to this parade, but I thought before it got any later I'd share the mani I sported for Halloween this year.

Sorry the quality of the mani doesn't look super - I had already been wearing it all week through work and dishes and a four-year-old and you can definitely see growth and a teensy bit of chipping.

 Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold and NYC Quick Dry topcoat Grand Central Station.  I thought the base polish was Rimmel Lava Red, but looking at a swatch...hmm.  I'll have to go through my stash again.

(P.S.  Lava Red is about the same intensity, but has a significant amount of shimmer.  The polish I used was a cream.)

The base color is really an uber dark, brown based blood red.  It wore really well with minimum touch-ups throughout the week, which is a huge plus for darker polishes.

Isn't the little spider cute?  A bit creepy?  I'll take either.  ;)

Hope you had a great Halloween!  Can't wait to see what people come up with for Thanksgiving-themed manis!  I think I'll go more the Autumnal route - no turkeys on my fingers this year.  Unless you think that's cool?  Um, yeah.  Let's not and say we did, yeah?