Bringin' Down Da Howse!

Ta-da!  Announcing our new home (cheers and clapping)!

We are beyond thrilled to be buying AND building our first house.  Let me tell you, it's been a crazy process already and we haven't even broken ground yet!

I know, I know.  Dramatic much?  Seriously, though, there are SO many details to consider when you're building a house.
We didn't set out to build, at first.  We went perusing about town, like anyone else, in search of the perfect place to call home.  Not sure if we're lucky, or unlucky, but there is just nothing available in our area right now that fits our family.

Sure, we came across a few houses that "could work", but it didn't take long before we realized that we would either have to settle for a major fixer-upper, a home we'd quickly outgrow, or...come up with a new plan.


Oxford Floor Plan

We found a home builder (D R Horton) that is building in our area.  We toured a handful of their models throughout the valley, browsed their other floor plans, and really liked what they had to offer.  We were totally sold when we were fortunate to visit one of their homes that was featured in this year's Salt Lake City Parade of Homes.

Behold...a few of my favorite features:

 The Entry

A touch narrow (no room for an entry table), but it's so bright and open I can help but love it!

The Loft

Oh yeah!  We toyed with turning this into an actual bedroom with walls, but Hubsters and I both agree, this space is super awesome for a craft area, kids play space, game room, etc.!

The Balcony

 Not an official room or space, but I LOVE this pretty little balcony that overlooks the Great Room/Living Room.  Oh Romeo, Romeo!

The Great Room


View of the Great Room from the Balcony.  I can't get enough of all the windows in this home.  I know it can be a decorating challenge, and there's the heating and cooling to consider (we're making this home very energy efficient with special upgrades) but I love, love a light-filled home!

There is so much more to show y'all, but I'm more excited to show you how ours turns out (pictured is a model, after all).  What I need now is help with the exterior colors!  Ideas?  Anyone?  Beachy but a little Craftsman, too?