Pumpkins on Parade

Who says pumpkins and Autumn decorating have to be all oranges and reds?  Not I!

Try a little gilded gold on your creamy white pumpkins for some added glimmer.

Or perhaps some antique silver trays or your grandma's mercury glass?

Blue pumpkins are everywhere this year.  I bought a lovely one at Wal-mart for a few bucks and couldn't be happier.

Of course creamy whites, soft blues, and rustic browns are classic and can look very warm and inviting - just remember to add lots of texture! 


 Mix in a little green if you're trying to hold onto summer a bit longer.

And even if you do love the look of traditional orange pumpkins and earthy fall foliage, consider adding some beautiful deep porcelain blue to your decor palette anyway.

Remember, blue and orange are complimentary colors, so you pretty much can't go wrong!

Looking for something even more unusual in your fall decor this year?  Did you know pumpkins actually come in pink?  Like, for reals.  And if you can't find them at your local pumpkin farm or superstore, remember craft paint can be your best friend!