Seeing Blue

It's a BOY!

Oh yeah, and I'm pregnant. Ha!

Wondering why I've been a little MIA lately? You can blame morning-afternoon-evening sickness and a complete lack of energy. Between 8-20 weeks it was no small miracle to get me out of bed before 11am and keep me up for more than two hours at a time before needing a nap.

Noticing a definite health and energy improvement over the past couple of weeks, I figured I'd better log on and let y'all know I haven't been swallowed up by a inhuman sized mosquito (we live near a creek) or passed out in a spray paint induced coma. I'm aliiiiiiive!

To celebrate my return, here's a few nursery inspiration photos I've been dreamily perusing.

First off, COLORS!

I'm thinking teal, orchid, and grey as the color scheme. I even got the go-ahead from my hubby that shades of purple were okay for our baby boy (he typically views purple as a girly color).

Loving this soft turquoise-y teal with grey and white chevron fabric. I'm going to have to see about sewing my own bumper...

On the other hand, I do love this combo of willowy grey and subdued teal blue. This set is a little froo-froo for my lit'l dude, but I do like how luxe it seems.

Maybe a mix of modern and luxe? Hmm...

Q: Have you decorated your little one's nursery lately? What about updating your nursery to a "big kid's" room? Is purple a girl or boy color?