Tutorial: No-Heat Curly Hair

Okay, so let's get this much out first: I love my super short hair!


Like any hairstyle, after a while you start to reminisce about having something different (the grass is always greener, right?). Lately, I've been missing my super long hair and wishing I could just have a week or so to curl, flat iron, braid, and otherwise mimic Rapunzel.

Until I can afford really amazing extensions, or manage to be patient for about five years while it grows out, I'm going to have to live out my long hair dreams via my daughter.

Did I mention she's two, AND has the most amazing thick spiral curls? Gah.

She definitely doesn't need these video tutorials for curly hair, but I used one or two of these methods way back when and thought I'd share so I can live vicariously through y'all, too!

Tried any of these methods? Have another great idea for no-heat curls? Cut off your hair and dreaming of luscious locks? Have super long hair and itching to go pixie?

{image via Pinterest, video via YouTube}