Holding on to Summer

Is anyone else out there kinda sad that summer is ending? I was still in pool/ice cream/breezy skirt mode and now everyone around me is making pumpkin crafts, perfecting their crock pot stews, and excited to wear their layers and wool tights.


Don't misunderstand, I love Autumn. It is, in fact, my favorite season and time of year. But, inevitably, it goes by too fast. Plus, I am stomping my foot and making a call to arms against retail environments. I spotted an entire row of Christmas themed items at Dollar Tree back in August...AUGUST, people! Really? Ugh.

So, in tribute to lazy summer afternoons, lemonade and cookies, open toed shoes, and the constant hum of our ceiling fans, here are a few images to prolong my summer nostalgia before I fully embrace the upcoming holiday season.

Can't get much more refreshing than watermelon frosties!

Such a sweet, rustic summer garden wedding. I'm a sucker for coral and pink!

The cutest lemonade stand EVER! Check out the little fold doily "lemons" and that darling yellow bow tie!

Melty orange creamsicle - need I say more?

Easy, breezy, beautiful colored frock. Love the mellowed nautical feel...and the shoes!

I might have a slight thrift shopping addiction, and I would LOVE to find a sweet vintage fan like this!

Oh the color! The antioxidants! The smoothies to be made! Not much better than freshly picked summer berries!

We still have eleven more days of summer - enjoy every last one!

{images via Pinterest}