Projects, Projects!

Has it been over a week since I last posted? Yikes! Sorry, dear sweet followers! I have a couple of really fun projects I've been working on, mostly just waiting for the weather to get dryer/warmer again to finish painting, or literally waiting for the glue to dry before I can move things to a spot to take photos. A blogger's work is never done...

But just so you know I'm not pullin' yer leg, here's a couple shots of brand new and on-going projects on my bucket list:

Oooh, plates and candlesticks...whatever could I be making? Hmmm...

Remember this gross project with lots of potential? I'm almost done!

Who doesn't love spraypaint? This baby was just crying out for a funky-glam makeover...

Gorgeous lines, solid construction, and a bit o' history. This piece is turning out ama-za-zing!

Yes, on my family room carpet, no less. When it rains, move the project indoors!

A little coffee filter love. You know you gotta hot glue these suckers to everything you can find, right? Coffee filters = the new black!

Plus a few more BIG projects (like a vintage dresser make-over) that I'm super duper excited to finish/show you (c'mon rain, you know I love you, but...seriously!). Stay tuned, and pray for wind-less, sunny days!