{ Weekly Photo Feature } Buckboard Hill Interiors

It's that time again! I stumbled across Buckboard Hill a little while back offering almost daily posts of interior design ideas. Although I found they haven't posted since February, it's still a great source to browse through when you're feeling stumped or just want a little eye candy inspiration for your home. And with all sorts of styles posted, you're sure to find something that tickles your fancy!

Here's a few of my favs:

Such a warm, inviting living room! I'm salivating over the great textures, brick wall, chandelier and funky reading bench.

Who wouldn't want their very own castle?!

Great little kitchen nook, and gotta love all those beautiful windows!

Pretty cool basement, right? So light and airy!

Aqua walls, swirly chandelier, mirrored sideboard, nautical striped curtains, butterflies on the wall = love!

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