{ Makeover Monday } Entry Shelf

What is white, forest green, black, and pale blue? My entry way shelf! That's right folks, after sanding (and before priming) this little lovely, I found that it was originally pine wood painted white, then painted dark forest green (when I found it at a thrift store for $3 buckaroos), then a nice glossy black (spray painted by yours truly), and finally, a gorgeous pale grey blue.

I used "River Rock" by Behr in satin finish. I only got a quart because I only planned on using it on a pair of chairs and maybe a picture frame or two. However, I got a little giddy and grabbed a shelf off my wall and painted it that night in my living room! I know, I'm nuts.

Here's what it looked like:



So pretty, right? I think my mom is getting tired of me telling her how happy I am with the transformation. I sit on the couch with my bum leg up, gazing happily over at my pale grey blue shelf. *sigh* It's amazing how it lightens up the space. Plus, it hints slightly at the blue-ish tone in my grey and white curtains. Love! Amazing what a little paint can do, right?

Next step: dining chairs!
P.S. I'm thinking about switching out the painted wood knobs for some faceted glass knobs - what do you think?

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