Bring It On!


Did we have a fabulous evening/early morning? Did you wear something sparkly? Are we all rested and ready to roar into 2011?

Normally, I'm fairly depressed at the beginning of the year. After all the hubbub and festivities from October through December there just seems to be this gloomy hush over the month of January. A whole year looms before you. Time to start all over again. It almost makes makes me feel tired. I'm sure the cold grey skies and freezing temps here in Utah don't help me any either. I think it was a little easier while I was growing up in sunny Los Angeles.

All that aside, I must admit that this year I'm actually excited to begin fresh. I feel empowered. I feel inspired. I feel enthused. With the wisdom gained from this past year, and the prospect of new and exciting ventures, I can't wait to get started!

So without further ado, I officially make my declaration to the new year:!

photo courtesy of thedecorista