Dream the Impossible Dream

So my hubby has been teasing me lately about "dreaming the impossible dream". For example: My mom and I were chatting on the phone about going to Hawai'i and my dear, sweet, sensitive husband turns on his music player to Man of la Mancha's "Dream the Impossible Dream" theme song. Thanks hon. Way to burst the hawai'ian fantasy bubble.

Let it be known that he was just being silly, and it was actually pretty funny. Plus, it totally gave me ammo to get back at him...somehow. Someday...

But I've been thinking lately about dreaming big and how that can be both detrimental and necessary.

Some people are determined to be practical, earning "steady" income in an office job, living for the weekend and their 401k. Their lives are consistant, predictable, well-managed, and exactly as they like it.

Some people are determined to be dreamers, often flitting from job to job in search of that perfect fit. They live for the moment, living for personal connections and their ideals. Their lives are exciting, unpredictable, irregular, and exactly as they like it...until they change their mind...again.

Most of us probably fit somewhere in between, maybe leaning towards one side or another. But one thing I've noticed in life is that dreamers are often considered flighty and irresponsible. They are deemed impractical, with impractical ideals and solutions. Can you fully trust a dreamer to follow through? Will they get side tracked and daydream? Will they come up with an amazing idea that will turn into a multimillion dollar book, feature film, invention, clothing line, theme park? Yes. Yes they will.

My mother is a dreamer and I love her for it. When you enter her home, there is organized chaos everywhere, and everywhere are things that inspire. For years her bathroom mirror has displayed quotes ranging from inspirational to motivational to comical.

"Objects in mirror are more beautiful than they appear."

"If you always think inside the box, you'll never get out of it."

And one of my favorites...

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."

Guess who said that last one? Walt Disney. Dare I say that Mr. Disney was a bit of a dreamer? The Big Idea guy. Truly, a genius in his own right.

So I'm thinking, it's okay to be a dreamer. I'm thinking, maybe we all should be a little idealist from time to time. I'm thinking that if you never act on your dreams, then they're waisted. No one benefits from them, least of all you. I'm thinking maybe I've got all these New Year's resolutions buzzing around my brain and that this year I'm going to make some of my dreams realities. Sure they may not all become realized by January 2012, but I want to truly be on track to having tangible evidence that I did the "impossible" and am living my dream. I mean, why not? Sounds kind of fun!

So, in honor of dreaming and living the impossible, this post is dedicated to my mom and all other dreamers out there. Live and love your life! Don't be afraid to think outside the box. In fact, please do! Design, create, dream. Dream big. Dream often. Do.