Mom to Mom Moment | No.2 You're Not Alone

Ladies.  I have been waiting to do this for way too long!

You may have heard tale of my burning desire to create meaning in my web space.  Somehow create a community of women (and the random guy - hi there!) who love all the pretty stuff, love their families, and maybe need some good friends.

Cause if anyone here does, it's me!

So here we are on our first official blog "Mom to Mom Monday".

*insert cheers and significant whoo-hooing*

Weekly inspiration and humor for crazy mom life!

Some days, I'm not functioning until the late afternoon when I literally have to kickstart myself to do SOMETHING for dinner (fish sticks and frozen peas, anyone?).

Dealing with depression, hormone imbalances, chronic fatigue, single parenthood, children with special needs, autism, extreme work stress, hoarding, diabetes, alcoholism, cancer...I’ve endured or witnessed all these things (and more) either in myself or my family, and yet I know that even completely healthy, well adjusted people may want to throw in the towel on occasion .

But is there such a thing as “normal”?  I think that all the crazy moods, health concerns, family and work dynamics...all the things that beckon you to stay in bed and ugly cry into a pillow ARE normal!  We ALL go through things in life that we might not wish on our worst enemy.  But healing can only begin after you realize that you don’t have to go it alone.

You matter! There’s enough tearing down in this world, what we need is more building up! #momtomommonday is here as a safe space to share both your #momwins and your #epicfails.  I will be deeply guarding this space, making sure that it is free from judgment and downers, and only filled with support, love, and encouraging words.

Healing begins with knowing you’re not alone.

My hope is that this series will evolve into a weekly platform where we can feel the security and freedom to talk about our worries and woes, as well as our triumphs and accomplishments.  Being a woman isn't easy.  We're hard on ourselves, we are expected to be all and do all.  We want equality and fair treatment, but we also crave to be cherished and respected.

And it doesn't matter if you're a parent or not, unemployed or self-employed, single, divorced or happily married, a Baby Boomer or Millennial, wealthy or living off cup o' noodles... doesn't matter because at the end of the day, we're all just trying to figure out our place in this world.

In the end, we're all worthy of love.  Love and compassion from others, and love and acceptance of ourselves.

Happy Monday!

*Hugs & High Fives*