Happy Thanksgiving 2016!


Thanksgiving is such a special time to me.

I'm reminded of the family gathering we'd have every November as a kid, everyone together at my grandparent's house near the mountains, my grandma and me tracing over maple leaves with crayons and white paper, the smell of baked beans and rolls in the oven, everyone crammed next to one another at the heavy wooden dining table, going back for seconds...and then thirds...

Thanksgiving is a holiday during my very favorite time of year.  Autumn has come, and though the warm sunlight and bright colors are slowly waning, the leaves are still blustering through the trees and over sidewalks, fireplaces are starting to light and give warmth, and the excitement over the Christmas season has begun!

To all my family, and friends (dear Readers, you are my friends, too!), you bring me joy, laughter, and a grateful heart!  I am continually thankful for your support and love!  I hope this season brings you every happiness and comfort you deserve!

Happy Thanksgiving!