National Organize Your Home Day

January 14th is National Organize Your Home Day!  With so many of us resolving to be more organized and simplify our lives, what better way to kick off the new year than with a holiday in honor of simplifying, decluttering, and streamlining your life and home?

So, in honor of such a momentous day, I've gathered a few posts to help you get started.  Just remember, National Organize Your Home Day isn't just a day, it should live in your hearts all year long (a la the Christmas spirit).  ;)

If you're anything like me (hi, friend!) then there are reasons we hold on to things that reaaaally shouldn't be.  Our reasoning is usually sound.  Our intentions always justified.  But how many of these things do we really need (stacks of scrapbook paper from ten years ago, I'm looking at you)?

Check out the above list for some pretty awesome questions (I especially love question #2, 3, and 4) to ask yourself the next time you're holding on to something that might be more useful to someone else, or the recycle bin.


Let's be honest, this infographic calls it like it is!  Simply put, excessive clutter steals time and money from your life.  I can personally attest to this, as there have been many projects, blog posts, even hours away from my children, all sacrificed because of too much clutter preventing me, in one way or another, from accomplishing my goals.

Ready to get rid of some junk (I know, I's perfectly good stuff)?  This article from Eclectically Vintage is a great jumping off point in throwing a fabulous yard sale!  Of course there's local online ads, Facebook sales pages, donating to friends or thrift stores, offering up decor items to family who have admired them in your home (surely they have room for a few more things)...there's plenty of ways to rid your life of physical clutter.

The best part is, the less literal clutter and excess you have in your life, the less emotional clutter you endure and the more time you have to enjoy the good stuff!

Happy decluttering, friends!