To All Mah Peeps

What is it with Peeps that are so. dang. adorable?  I mean, are you kidding me with this cuteness?

For her friends, Chloe picked out a pack of the ever-adorable Bunny Peeps.  We're just packing them up cellophane-style and adding this little tag:

"There's no bunny nicer than you! Happy Easter to all my peeps!" 

Just for fun, here's a few other creative Peep-inspired ideas:


 S'more Peeps, Please
(yes, I think I'm hilarious)

Eat My Nest, Peeps

Sugar Cookie Peeps

So how are you getting creative this Easter?  Are your kids begging for personalized Peep gifts?  Are you grabbing some $4.99 cupcakes at the grocery store and calling it good?

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