Hey Rug Man, Gimme Some Tassel

A new house means there's buckets of decorating and DIY projects swimming around our brains!  

First up, adding color and creating function within each space.  But, as Brady and I are working together on the functionality (revamping furniture from our last home, designing built-ins, etc.), I'm busting out the ol' mood boards to help visualize each room's decor.

Chloë and Ryker's bedrooms are first up on the list since Brady and I both want the kiddos to feel at home and enjoying their spaces ASAP.  Let "Operation: Big Girl Room" commence!

Gettin' my late night paint on!

While Chloë's bed gets a makeover this week, I thought I'd share the rugs we've been eying for our home.  Most people have heard that paint is numero uno when it comes to updating a space.  I totally agree, but I'd argue that second place easily goes to rugs.  A fab rug can be major when it comes to adding personality, color, and design to your space.

Let's do a little rug round-up!

Ryker's Nursery


Going with grey, teal/aqua/navy, and touches of neon/lemon yellow for this cutie's nursery.  It's been sweet with white, grey, and aqua, but now that Ryker is a big one year old I'm thinking it's time to add some fun boyish charm!

Chloë's Big Girl Room

Nada.  Zilch.  Nothing.

I have looked all over the web for something that Chloë and I both like but nothing seams to fit right.  Now, I have to admit that she's not particularly particular when it comes to her rug, but she has stated that she wants a colored rug with an Ikea Tejn rug to snuggle with. 

I originally really liked this rug, however we've since decided that her room isn't going to have much lavender in it (Chloë wants pink, mint, and a bit of red).  I would love to get a gorgeous pink patterned rug for her, but it's harder than you'd think...unless you feel like dropping about a dozen Benjamins. (Yo.)

Master Bedroom

Definitely going for soft and luxe here!  Master bedroom always seem to be last on the list to decorate, but I'm really hoping we can tackle a little here and there to make a nice retreat after a day of work and kiddos.

Dressing Room

Yes, we have a dressing room.  Seems spoiled, I know.  I can't tell you how excited I am to have this great little room to change and dress in after spending a decade with almost no closet at all (insert huge sign of relief here).  This space is where I'm going all out glam and a bit girly.  Think of it as a little jewel box outside our bathroom.  Ha!


We won't have a dedicated space for Brady and I until we finish the basement, but I imagine we'll design a classy neutral space with His and Hers desks and a wall of built-in bookcases.  I almost want to create a secret door in the room.  Something like this...

Hopefully I can get Brady on board with this, cause seriously, who doesn't want a secret room?

Great Room

I'd really like to see something geometric or trellis-y in this room for a chic vibe and in a neutral color so I can easily change the decor and color scheme for each season, 'cause that's how I roll.



Definitely going for fun and a little beachy in this room.  It's upstairs between the kiddo's rooms, and it makes the perfect crafting/reading/playing space.  As the kids get older I'm sure it will make a great study area, too.  Oh, the plans we have for this room!

Eat-In Dining Room

One thing this wonderful home doesn't have is a formal dining room.  I know it's trendy to have an eat-in kitchen, but I'll always love a gorgeous, well appointed dining space where the family can join for dinner.  Oh well.  I really can't complain.  But since I don't have a dedicated room for dining, my goal is to ground the space and give it it's own identity.  Adding an easy-to-clean rug can be a great way to do that!


Q:  Anyone bought a super fab rug lately that they just have to share?  Anyone know of where I can find a fun yet sophisticated pink rug?  Anyone else want a secret room?

P.S.  Happy Birthday to Me-eeee!

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