Stick a Fork in It


First off, the pie was delicious.

Secondly, who else loves a good Ikea trip?

I'm always up for a good octopus chandelier/hat rack.

These lamps are awe-some!  For a mere $29.99 (down from $49.99) this fab work lamp is definitely a contender against more spendy counterparts.

Exhibit A
Cole Task Table Lamp | Pottery Barn $149

I luuuuurve Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs.  If I had known about Ballard in grade school I would have listed "him" as my No. 1 crush for MASH.  You know...MASH.  A truly genius game that determines what kind of home you'll have, car, kids, and your hubby.  I'm still waiting to have my Lamborghini, mansion and three kids.  Funny thing, I didn't even know what a Lamborghini was in elementary school.  But hey, all the boys wanted one, so that was good enough for me.  I mean, ten year old boys know what car I should drive, right?

Moving on.

Exhibit B
Katherine Task Floor Lamp | Ballard Designs $179, now $99.99

So yeah.  Ballard and PB are super awesome, and sometimes it's totally worth the splurge.  But sometimes it's really great to get a really great deal.

Thank you Ikea.


We all know and love these faux crystal mini chandeliers.  I plan on putting two in my new master closet/dressing room.  Eeee!  Plus, there's a slight chance I'll be spray painting them first.  Muahahahaha.

Aching for some bulb-y retro funky neon night light lamps for under $15?
There ya go.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

YOU are!  Oh yes you ARE!  Pretty mirror.  Such a good mirror...

Thinking of making this Chloë's princess mirror for her upcoming "big girl" room.  It's a princess themed room, like ya do when you're four.  A princess room that will, by request, apparently have "pink and blue with duckies".  That girl has no boundaries.  Doesn't she know she's messin' wid mah vision!

Can you believe these gorgeous black scroll-y pieces of goodness comes in both mirror and frame form?

Thank you again, Ikea.  Thank you.

Butterflies and splattered paint are apparently both darling and contemporary.  Definitely going to attempt a DIY version.

As far as metal folding chairs go, I have to tell you, these suckers are com...wait for it...FY!  Comfy!

And seriously, what's with all this perfect turquoise stuff they're pumping out lately?  I'm gonna go broke, Ikea.  Stop it!

If I knew then what I know now...
I totally would have bought this table.  Took a photo because I thought, "Dang, that looks like a surf board!  I would totally paint that sucker to look like a vintage board if I had someplace to put it."
Turns out, now I do.  Dang.

P.S.  This was in the clearance section.

Can't believe he was that small.  Awww!  Amazing what four months will do.  Now he's a tank!

Chloë begged for this white kitty.  I caved.  Glad I did on this one cause it's one of her favorites.

Former favorite,"Puppy", is not pleased.

And of course you can't spend less than five or six hours at Ikea in a single trip.  And it's imparative that you stuff your car to the brim and possibly make it impossible to see your car's shifter.

But that's okay, because you bought cinnamon rolls.  Six of them.  And they are divine...