Feelin' Stampy

Check out my latest online booty (don't worry, this is still G-rated)! Stamping plates! I've always, always been into doing my nails but it's only been in the last year or two that I've really dove in to the world of nail stamping, and I'm obsessed!

These plates are from Cheeky Beauty via Amazon. I tried them tonight with a few "practice" nails and they work great! I was a little concerned buying such a "frugal" set of stamping plates, since the etching on cheaper plates often aren't deep enough to hold polish, but these are awesome.

Here's a few of my favorite stamping inspirations!

 Stars in the night sky - love this combo!

I'll take a good holo polish anytime, but I especially love that that this heart stamp lets the beautiful polish shine through.

Amp up a basic french tip mani with diagonal stripes and a long stemmed rose!

This is just cool. Add multi polish colors to the stamp plate, scrape, and get this amazing sponged rainbow effect.

Get creative! Every nail can be different and still look cohesive - this is super cool.

Hot pink and black lace? Ahh yeah! I like that the ring finger uses the full stamp and the rest of the hand is stamped only on the tips.
Again, an amazing hologram polish stamped onto a deep indigo blue. Subtle, but absolutely brilliant!

Q:  Ever tried stamping before?  What's your favorite go-to stamping polish?  Holographic?  Konad specialty polish?  I've heard good things about Sally Hansen Quick Dry polish for stamping.  Any must-have stamping plates?  I'm searching for something with a pegasus... =)