{ Weekly Photo Feature } - Ruffled

The latest Weekly Photo Feature is from Ruffled Blog. I've loved this party blog for a while now, but when I came across this darling Valentine's Day photo shoot I felt the timing was perfect!

Ombre cakes are all the rage if you're on Pinterest and such, and I just love this in pink with drippy gold frosting!

I'm loving how all those little mirrors are reflecting the shimmer of the gold balloons.

Raspberries and food dye sugar cubes - so sweet!

More ombre with pink flowers - roses, ranunculus, peonies...

Family photos, gold streamers, heart garland - this would be great for a reception, shower, party, or Valentine's Day mantel. ♥

Don't forget to nominate your favorite sites or posts for next week's Weekly Photo Pheature, I mean Feature. ;)