Making Mascara New Again

 I love makeup. Always have. In six grade, or so, after reading a magazine tip about using bronzer to highlight ones face, I totally freaked out my best friend when I tried to put "blush" on her forehead and nose. She thought I was crazy, but I knew it would make her a contoured glow! ;)


Along with my love of makeup and color (...just how many nail polishes, lipsticks, and eye shadow compacts do I have? Probably more than every person who will read this post combined. Seriously.), I've also spent twenty years sopping up all the good tips and tricks about application, storage, and making your cosmetics last longer.

Exhibit A: Mascara. We love the way it makes us look like we actually slept the night before, and yet there are a few problems. Today we're talking about clay. Yup, mascara clay.

You know when your nice smooth new mascara turns dry and crusty and clumpy no matter what you do? Bummer is, it may not even be very old (...but remember to dispose of mascara in a timely manner. You don't wanna know what icky stuff hides itself in old cosmetics. Bleck.).

So what's a frugal gal to do? Add a little sterile saline solution (or eye drops if you don't wear contacts) and your mascara is as good as new!

Just a few drops will do ya. Between 3-5 depending on how dry the formula is and how much mascara you think might still be in there. You want to freshen it up, not make it drippy.

Gently stir the mascara wand in the tube a bit, tighten the lid and shake, et voila! No more clumps!

You may be confused as to which eye model is me: Top post photo or this one. I know, I get that all the time. ;)

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Disclaimer: As a long-time cosmetics connoisseur and trained MaryKay Beauty Consultant, I believe I am qualified to offer advice regarding cosmetics. However, I am not a doctor or chemist, so please use your own discretion when mixing anything into your cosmetics.