Easiest Ever Tile Coaster

Hi there dearies! Here's a super easy tutorial I put together for a lovely tile coaster. Trust me, you'll see this and head to your nearest home improvement store ASAP. When combined with silver ladle, maybe some gourmet cocoa, a couple lovely hot pads, these make great gifts!


1. ceramic, porcelain, stone or other square tile
2. felt pads (typically used for chair or table legs)
3. glue sticks & glue gun

Note: I bought my pretty tile at Home Depot. It measures 5.75"x5.75" and is typically used as backsplash or bathroom detail. I also bought round felt pads there, but later found similar at the Dollar Tree for a buck. Also, I used low temp glue and it worked great.

Turn your tile over and make sure to wipe it with a clean, dry rag to remove dust. Add a bit of hot glue to an underside corner of the tile, then add a dollup to the back of the felt pad.

Note: Most felt pads have a backing that you can peel off to reveal a sticky surface. I began by peeling off the back of one felt pad and gluing, but I found that the pads I had a very tough surface and I actually didn't even need to pull off the backing on the other three pads. So easy!

Glue the pads to each corner of your tile. Allow a few minutes for the glue to set, then turn over. You're done!

The pads will allow a small space between your tile and table or stove, protecting anything from scratching. I love using mine on my oven to place utensils whlie cooking. It's also a nice surface to place a ladle or serving spoon during dinner, etc. Bonus points if you get tile that is heat safe - you can use these to directly place your hot pots and serving dishes.

How about you? Any other ideas for these cute little coasters? Have you found any fun items at a home improvement store that you've repurposed?

Happy Crafting!
P.S. That's a large serving spoon in the last photo. See? Perfect!

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