Quick Tip Tuesday | Keep Jewelry from Tangling

Packing can be such a pain:  Trying to remember everything you need, and packing everything you need so it doesn't wrinkle, tangle, squish, or leak.  But, have I got a cool hack for you!

We recently took a trip to California, and although I'd be spending most of my time chasing little kiddos, I still wanted to bring along a couple of sparkling statement necklaces in case we'd go out for a nice dinner or pose for a few family photos.

I love using plastic "Ziploc" style baggies for travel, and this was no exception.  I was only taking two necklaces and two pairs of earrings, so I didn't think I would need to worry about them tangling.

Uh, wrong-o bongo!

I didn't take a picture, but basically as soon as I put the necklaces together in their little baggie I knew I'd live to rue the day I didn't pack them more carefully.

Already starting to tangle, I pulled them out and decided on a new strategy.

Straws, people.  Straws will save your sanity.


Save your sanity - drinking straws keep delicate chains from tangling!

I especially like pink straws. ;)

It's unlikely you'll need the entire straw, unless you're packing seriously long necklaces (belly button bling?), so I recommend just cutting it in half.

Any straw will do, but I love these extra wide straws from Ikea.

Simply thread one strand of chain through the straw, then use your link and clasp to close the necklace just like you would when you wear it.

So easy!

The straw keeps the chain from tangling around itself, other necklaces, and any dangling components that might make you want to tear your hair out later when you spend an hour trying to detangle all of your jewelry, thereby making you late for Disneyland's AM opening.  You then have to wait in line for what seems like days just to get through the gate.  You cry because all the Fast Passes to your favorite rides are gone.  The day is ruined.  Everybody stares at you and your sparkling necklace like they might throw you overboard in the middle of Pirates of the Caribbean.  The scoundrels will steal your tangled sparkling booty and make you walk the plank.  Your hair will be ruined, and your necklace will be gone.

All because you were too lazy to find a straw.

I'll wait here while you go find a straw.  Maybe two...



Okay!  Once the straws are on and the clasps are securely, uh, clasping...you can safely place your jewelry in your baggies, totes, or pockets, knowing that they will travel in complete untangled bliss.  Your vacation is saved!


You're all set!  And if you're lucky, you're sporting an adorable Betsey Johnson inspired bag like this one I scored at...wait for it...Michael's!

As in Michael's crafts!

Right? :)


Q:  So do tell!  What are your best packing tips?  Where do you buy awesome straws?  Do you ride Pirates of the Caribbean just to see Johnny Depp?  Be honest.