Dude, Get On That Already


...there is so much to DO around here!

It's a love/hate thing with me.  I LOVE that there is so much potential and opportunity to stretch my creative wings.  I hate that it's not done, like, now.

Okay, I don't "hate" that, but for a person who is so affected by her surroundings it's a kid waiting to open presents on Christmas day.  Only the presents aren't wrapped all pretty, they're in cardboard boxes.  You know there's something awesome inside, but you don't even get to look at pretty paper and sparkly bows in the meantime.

I know.  First world problems.

To help keep me focused (and excited) about all the projects going on, I've made a "Dude, Get On That Already" list, a la Young House Love:

Entry / Foyer

* address shoe hatchery (they're multiplying!) in entry area
* entry table - has to be long and shallow (preferably less than 12" deep), white, modern, DIY?
* entryway runner - flat woven, grey trellis style
* board and batten in entry hall
* doorway case molding in foyer
* replace builder lights in foyer (mini chandeliers? star pendents?)
* hang art in foyer
* hang mirror in foyer
* hang gold mirror in entry

Great Room

* add cabinets / built-ins flanking fireplace
* install molding and mantel to fireplace box
* sofa table
* large area rug (8'x11'? 9'x12'?)
* permanent draperies
* bamboo blinds for lower windows
* paint side tables
* hang art over built-ins

Kitchen / Dining

* paint & reupholster dining chairs (x8)
* paint dining table
* window treatment (draperies / valance)
* kitchen runner
* finish capiz chandeliers
* install expedit buffet
* paint island
* cabinet hardware / pulls
* paint / stencil accent wall

Master Bedroom

* hang white draperies
* buy king sized bed frame
* add white flokati rug
* swap dresser for living room "console"
* new fan (Home Depot)
* fresh duvet
* hang ocean waves canvas art
* replace lack side dressers (move to dressing room)
* twin lamps for bedside tables
* ottoman for foot of bed

Master Bath / Dressing Room

* install runner in bathroom
* paint cabinets?
* add valance over window
* install chandelier over tub
* add linen storage in corner (phase 1)
* built-in linen storage with pull outs (phase 2)
* frame builder mirror
* upgrade faucet
* cabinet hardware / pulls
* replace builder lights in dressing room
* add lack dressers to dressing room
* add shoe storage

Chloƫ's Room

* paint loft bed white
* new rug (5'x8')
* assemble bed
* add curtains to bed loft section
* hang drapes
* paint Ikea table & buy additional chair
* paint vanity table and paint/reupholster bench
* paint princess wardrobe
* hang crystal chandelier
* create organized toy and book storage
* add window seat

Ryker's Room

* new drapes
* add bamboo shade
* fun rug
* install birch expedit
* new light fixture?
* hang art
* board and batten along far wall


* paint vintage console
* paint/re-imagine coffee table to game/Lego table
* install two Billy bookcases (phase 1)
* install doors and upper extension Billy units (phase 2)
* build window seat
* diy valance for window
* daybed / sofa bed for seating and overnight guests
* colorful rug
* chalkboard wall

Laundry Room

* hang art
* board and batten
* hang shelving (phase 1)
* install cabinets (phase 2)
* colorful runner
* fill void at entry with laundry basket storage (phase 1)
* fill void at entry with base cabinets (phase 2)

Kid's Bathroom

* hang beach / ferris wheel art
* new towels
* add bath mat/rug
* frame builder grade mirror
* cabinet hardware / pulls

Cold Pantry

* add shelving for food storage and extra toiletries
* install insulated door
* add more light fixtures


* heating / air estimate
* finish framing office/storage rooms
* kitchenette??
* drywall
* mud
* plan / blueprint kid's hideout
* install low pile carpet
* install firebox
* install faux brick wall

Exterior / Yard

* install sprinkler system, add sod to front yard
* add gravel to 3rd bay side yard for truck
* design landscape layout concept for front and back (trees, rocks, sod, bushes, veggie garden, fire pit, etc.)
* DIY glass fire pit in backyard (phase 2)
* lay patio behind 3rd bay, build pergola and add climbing vines, bistro set?
* build deck (phase 2)

You know we're going to keep adding to the list, but that's part of the fun!  Besides, what's more fun than crossing things off a list?  Nothing. ;)