Day 25 | Ugly Sweater Contest

Keds, stirrup pants, loud sweater, and yes, even pouf-bangs!

Those of us who lived to tell the tale of 80's clothing will sympathize greatly with the following post.  Those who were in diapers or fortunate enough to skip this decade of clothing debacles altogether, watch and learn.  For future generations must learn from past mistakes.  Big, big mistakes.

At first glance, I know this black sweater doesn't look completely awful...

...but upon closer inspection it was definitely a little too faux-furry for my taste.

Now this cropped sweater had it going on!  Some bubbly popular girl totally rocked this her Junior year.  I may have come this close to buying it for Halloween.

You can't tell me that y'all didn't have a sweatshirt just like this!  And yes my friends, that is puffy paint!

"Oh Pooh, you messed up my moose." - Rabbit
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

 ...and mallard duck, and plaid eagle, and applique reeds and mountains.

Pretty sure my 4th grade teacher had this jacket.

Now this one is more 60's shag-a-licious than, like, totally tubular 80's, but I just had to share this thrift shopping "gem".

The reason I'm sharing this is to say, ladies, please DON'T.  Do not wear this in public, or while doing laundry, or even to Wal-mart.  I feel it is my duty to warn you, because I had not one, but TWO different ladies tell me how cute this coat is.


I ask you to not support the continuation of this coat.  Red faux fur foxes everywhere will thank you and sing your praises (what does a fox say?).  Cause let's be honest, the only person that could pull this look off is Foxxy Cleopatra.

Thanks for still following along!  Something went wonky and I have this and another post to share that somehow didn't get published before the end of the month.  Stay tuned!