{Weekly Photo Feature} Reader Remodel

My kitchen wants to be this kitchen when it grows up.  The namesake from Deep Thoughts by Cynthia finished her gorgeous kitchen remodel over a year ago, but the impact is still breathtaking.  Now bright, streamlined, and super functional, this beautiful welcoming space is definitely a go-to inspiration for our new home's kitchen.

I love that they took a big risk in gutting their pantry to move the fridge - so smart!

Perfect sea foam subway tile, IMO.  Love the marble countertops, too!

Deep drawers provide ample storage space for utensils AND dishes.  I totally need one of these for pots and another for kid's dishes (easy access to help themselves and help put away from the dishwasher!).

Let's check out what Cynthia started with:


Not a bad kitchen space at all.  But she and her hubby saw an even greater potential...



Anyone else have a remodel story they'd like to share?  New seasonal decor?  Decorating for a special party?
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