Everything But the Kitchen Sink


This isn't the half of it.  No, you don't even know the third of it!  Literally.  This is only a THIRD of what was underneath my kitchen sink!  How did it fit?  How did I manage?  How could I find anything?
How?  HOW?  HOW?!

I didn't.


Better already.

But wait.  What caused this crazy, mass clean up?
Well, I'd like to say it's in honor of my New Year's Mantra to kiss clutter good-bye, and maybe it ended up that way, but alas.  This little evening project began out of necessity.

This is what was happening underneath my sink..!

Okay, maybe it was more like this...

But it sure felt more like this ----->

You know what I mean?

But all was well when a hunky...wait...charming...no...handy-man came to the rescue with a new valve-thingy.  And plumbers all look like Crest toothpaste models, too.


So with my soggy under-sink looking pretty sad, I decided, "Heck, might as well throw some stuff away while it's spread all over my kitchen floor."

Yeah.  Way to be proactive, right?
But I've decided that's okay.  Sometimes we need a push.  Sometimes we have to do things out of necessity.  Sometimes "a kick in the teeth is the best thing in the world for you."  Walt Disney said so.

Out came a roll of pretty contact paper from TJMaxx.

Mini mission accomplished.

Although I couldn't go all out crazy pants to add a shelf or drill holes for a cool spray bottle hanging bar a la Pinterest (we rent our little town home, so no drilly-drilly up in 'ere), I think it looks pretty dang good.

And it's SO much more functional!
I've got my portable cleaning caddy on the left, my tools on the right, and up the middle are my everyday kitchen sprays and soaps.

Check it out!  I can even fit my dish rack UNDERNEATH the sink now!  Wahoo!

I'm thrilled, and all it took was about and hour of my time including taking everything out, wiping down the shelf, adding some pretty contact paper (totally not a pro at that, btw), weeding out the old cleaners, paintbrushes, vases, and other such nonesense.  Put essentials back in and call it a job well done!

By the way, one third I kept underneath (plus added the dish rack), one third got placed in its rightful home (racket balls...check), and the rest got tossed away.  BAM!


What would I have done differently?
See that space of cabinet on the right?  Yeah, the contact paper wasn't wide enough.  It's okay because I slide the toolbox in and out so I know the contact paper won't tear, but...
Measure twice, cut once, right?  Oops.

So what have you been up to lately?  Show me your kitchen or mudroom upgrades, big or small.  Sometimes it's the little things that make life AWESOME.  I love grabbing for some antibacterial spray now.  Haha!