* Bling Bling *


I've really been in the mood for some chunky layered *bling bling* lately (and yes, it's necessary to say "bling" twice).

Maybe it's the holidays...wanting something bold and fun for parties.
Maybe it's because I'm preggers...and I'm feeling like my body has been taken over by an alien (albeit an adorable alien) and I just. wanna. feel. pretty!
Maybe it's all the saving and scrimping for a home...and I'm feeling like being a bit lavish.
Maybe I'm a girl...The End.

Here's a few stunning pieces I've been drooling over lately.  Who's with me?

W-O-W, right?

I heart this peachy pink layered look.  Love me some rose gold hardware!

At first glance, this totally seemed like a beachy summer necklace, but the more I look at it I think it would be perfect for a crisp autumn night out!

Again with the coral pink.  I love it paired with gold chain as a totally trendy wrap-around bracelet watch.

Who doesn't love a chunky, layered vintage brass charm necklace?  Seriously.

Oooh, aaaah!  Swarovski crystals with a gauze overlay - whaaaat?  Who cares?  It looks awesome!


Okay, let's talk about some SERIOUS *bling bling*:

Deep green tourmaline and diamond earrings?  Yeah, sure.  I could rock that.  *sigh*  Thank you Tiffany & Co. for giving me something to dream about tonight...


This. is. insanity.  In the best possible way.
72 ct. kunzite in platinum.
It's real.
It exists.
Some lucky girl is WEARING it in this photo.
I could do my make up in that reflection.

*Bling Bling*, baby.

{Images found here}