Not-So-Sweet Sixteen

Don't judge the girl too harshly. This poor dresser has been through some tough times.

Not much to look at yet, but I've been searching for a basic dresser without a lot of ornate "fluff" in order to give an extra cool makeover!

Oh the detail! The craftsmanship! The...sixteen knobs?

No joke. A previous owner apparently had issues with the original hardware and replaced the pretty drawer pulls with SIXTEEN cheap-o golden plastic knobs. Seriously.

You can see here I've already began removing the excess knobs. Four drawers, sixteen's like having each ear pierced eight times. Wow.

This little wonder has been through the ringer. It's had at least three previous owners, terrible hardware, and a load of deep scratches and dings. The varnish is peeling all over and, although the last owner attempted to sand and stain the drawers, the whole piece was this close to hitting the dumpster.

Dun dun da duuuuuunnnn! Captain Makeover to the rescue! Stay tuned. This baby is already getting the extreme makeover it deserves!

If you weren't sure, this is my "game on" face! Oh yeah dresser. You're not gonna know what hit ya!