My Heart's Afloat - Fun Valentine's Day Activity for Kids

Biggest hit ever? I mean ever...

My daughter deemed heart-shaped ice cubes the coolest thing since...well...regular ice cubes (better than sliced bread, apparently). That's actually saying a lot since eating ice cubes is one of her favorite things in the whole wide world.

Milk.  Strawberry Nesquik. A touch of red dye. Stir. Pour. Freeze.

Watch as your daughter and her friend look wide-eyed at their milk, wondering in awe why there is a heart "stuck" in it. Another minute later, grin because they are now giggling that their milk is turning pink.

Be ready with extra ice cubes, because they will surely ask for more!

This was such a fun and sweet little thing we didn't around Valentine's Day this year, but really, this is the cutest little surprise for your kiddos any time you want to show them a little extra love!  Kids love food in shapes, and they love anything that color changes!
Hope you had a very happy Valentine's Day!