{ Crazy for Hue } - No. 7

Who doesn't love a good peacock feather? Hmm? I know I do! I love the touch of rich blue among otherwise very warm and earthy hues.

Now I know these aren't typical colors for this time of year, but I'm loving some warm tones to help me out of the winter-time blues. My little Chloe-bug got to get outside today and go cruisin' on her trike for the first time since October (it was around 43F today) and she promptly asked which way to California. Ha!

Keeping in time with my hankering for spring, Hubby brought home some pink and yellow tulips this weekend (awwww...). They look so perky on my dining table I can't help but wish to fast forward to April.

How about you? Still enjoying all that winter has to offer (fuzzy sweaters, hot cocoa, snow angels, winter crafts, President's Day sales), or are you secretly wearing a bathing suit under your down feather parka? ;)

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