Birthday Awesomeness

Today, I turn 23...

...okay, that's a lie. I may be just a little older than that (it starts with a 3...) *cries* but it's all good. Time for a little birthday awesomeness:

No.1 I got to sleep waaaaay in. Like, after Noon. Ahhh.

No.2 Two words: Breaking. Dawn. My mom and I went to Wally World last night for the midnight release party. Cupcakes, trivia games, prizes, bottled water from Isle Esme (ok, they just put new labels on Sam's Club water), and my very own copy of Breaking Dawn. ♥

No.3 Cheesecake. All mine. Mine. Everyone else can have cake with frosting, I'll take the luscious cheesecake my hubby picked out just. for. me.

No.4 Speaking of hubby, he also bought all the fixin's and put together some totally amazing pot roast with veggies that's been cooking all day. Yum!

No.5 Daughter walking into my room late this morning after she and Daddy had gone shopping, showing me the cake with pink flowers she'd picked out, and saying "Suprise! It's your birthday!...Is it your birthday now?" (Yes, Chloe, it is.) "Okay, now we can eat cake!" LOL

No.6 Getting a maid for my birthday. Okay, so it's my mom catching up on all the dishes and laundry for me today. Love you, Mom.

All in all, it's been a pretty dang good day. :)