Resolutions I Actually Want to Keep

Every year we all make resolutions, whether "official" or not. Some years I write a few things down, usually I don't. But there's always a mental list floating around my brain of things that I want to accomplish or ways I really want to improve my life.

This year I've decided it's better to write them down and announce them to the world. It makes them more "real", you know. Some are old or on-going resolutions that I'd really like to make happen, others are brand spakin' new


1. Have a closet full of things that I LOVE, not just like.

2. Lose fifteen pounds and look like a super model (okay, not so much, but lose some fat and get healthier).

3. Exercise daily, even if it's only taking a walk with my daughter or doing ten minutes on my Aerobic Rider.

4. Plan and prepare better craft and instructional activities for my daughter during the week.

5. Make more crock pot meals and dinner menus.

6. Have two yard sales - goodness knows I have enough stuff!

7. Be more dedicated to my church calling.

8. Create an emergency food storage system and first aid kit.

9. Go on more dates with my hubby (at least once a month would be about triple where we're at now). Sad, but true.

10. More "me" time.

11. Learn to sew and refashion like a pro.

12. Read scriptures every day.

13. Finish my daughter's baby scrapbook.

14. Grow a potted herb garden and keep it alive more than two weeks.

15. Plan small trips and outings like a tourist to discover the great state I live in.

16. Plan small trips and outings like a local and be in-the-know about cool shops, eateries, and events.

17. Write in my journal at least twice a week.

19. Get my online store up and running smoothly to start making the big bucks! *wink*

20. Take a family trip somewhere we've never been.

21. Simplify everything - routines, household, finances.

22. Less TV - maybe even go for a whole day at a time without.

Q: What are your thoughts and goals for 2012?