For the Birds

We all remember those fun, messy preschool projects from days of yore, no? Well, if your memory is getting a little fuzzy let me remind you of one of my favorites (not to forget, making a terrarium from old soda bottles and cheap plants, or cutting up a bah-zillion tiny tissue paper squares and using Elmer's Glue to create a picture on Mother's Day):

Bird Feeders using pine cones, peanut butter, and birdseed. Easy peasy, and lots of fun for the kiddos.

Project Ingredients:

peanut butter
pine cones
string or ribbon
plastic bag or wax paper
spatula or plastic knife

(Don't have birdseed on hand? You can also use oats and cornmeal.)

I found these tiny pine cones at a local dollar store. They already had little silver ties attached to the tops. If yours are "natural" pine cones, I recommend tying string before adding peanut butter. ;)

Chloƫ was very excited to do this project, but also tried very hard to not get peanut butter all over her hands. She kept asking for a napkin!

So serious! Love her bottom lip sticking out with concentration.

You'll notice the grocery bag she's working'll want to lay down a bag or wax paper for this project. Cleaning up sticky, oily peanut butter off your nice table will not make for happy craft time.

...declaring this project a success. Yay!

After a sufficient amount of peanut butter has been added to the surface of the pine cone, go ahead and roll that sticky baby in some birdseed and/or oats.

We were so excited to hang these, and it was getting dark, that I didn't take a shot of our cute little cones. The photo above, however, is about right. ;)

We hung ours just outside the kitchen window so we could watch the birds fly around all day.

Clean up for this project was super easy because we used a plastic grocery bag and a plastic knife. Just scoop up the bag, peanut butter, birdseed, plastic knife and all, and toss in the trash!

Merry Christmas, little birdies. We hope you enjoy your holiday treat!