Photography L♥VE

My love for photography isn't a secret. There's just something amazing about capturing a moment in time that can last forever...

Same view taken at different times of day using same exposure and settings. Wouldn't this make an amazing wall mural?

Beautiful photo at first glance, but there's something extra special with the way the photographer composed the shot so the time of day and angle reflects the mountains, lake, and sunset behind him.

So perfect. A sweet moment, beautiful lighting, a fun prop, and nice composition. Would love to do a similar shot with my daughter!

Photography is about getting creative and capturing emotion. And although this could've been done in post processing (i.e. Photoshop, etc.), I love the use of a projector to get the effect of black lace over this model.

Looks like a little double exposing to me! I did this once digitally using a blurry shot of white Christmas tree lights layered over another photo, then decreasing the opacity of the lights layer. You can then use great vintage actions or play with CS settings on your own to get a nice grainy, vintage effect. Or, go old school, grab a 35mm camera and some film, and play!

This is the best, most visual, little cheat sheet I've found to help remember different SLR camera settings. Print, or upload to your smart phone, to pull out any time for easy reference.

If you're an old school camera buff you'll love this fun sheet of filter references! I especially like the Poprocket effect on the Diana+ cam, and the Brannan filter using a Polaroid Land cam. Awesome!


Q & A: Found any amazing photography tips around the web? Discovered a cool filter, funky double exposure, or neat lens trick by accident? I first discovered double exposures when I was in upper grade school and my 35mm film camera didn't get advanced for a few shots - I was bummed at first, but they actually turned out really interesting and totally fun!

{images via Pinterest}