My Pay*Less Wishlist

Oh yeah, I'm a Payless Girl. Sure, I'd love to be buying from Modcloth, Aldo, Piperlime, etc. but I typically can't. That's right, can't. "Why not", you ask? Because I have skis for feet. Yup. I wear size 11-11.5.


I once overheard my paternal grandmother say, "Well, she'll have very good balance."

Double ugh.

Luckily, Payless often has cute shoes all the way up to size 13 (for the love of the gods, please no). So, for those of us taller gals, and gals of certain ethnic heritage resulting in crazy long feet and hands, there is some solace. Not always the super-adorable-and-totally-trendy kind, but the good-enough-and-pretty-cute kind. And every once in a while you find something you really truly want.

Here's what's in my cart right now:

Cute, right? I'm sensing a theme: Bows and neutrals. Now, which are coming home with me...?