{ Before & After } - Sunroom Sanctuary

Two posts in one day? You betcha!

Sorry if you've been checking for posts this past week - Blogger decided that I could write all I wanted, but thought maybe posting would be asking for too much. It's not Blogger's fault, however. Darn Explorer updates. I'm sure it will be fixed soon, but for now, I'm siding with Firefox.

Anyhoo, time for another cool Before & After! This one comes from Crafting Up With the Joneses via the B & A queen herself, Better After. Everyone loves a great makeover, and Lindsey has made an art of showcasing the best of blogland.

Well, this poor little room was in serious need of some tender lovin'.


...aaaand after!

Pretty dang snazzy, eh? I love that makeover wasn't extreme, that it seems like something that even I could manage with some sweat and elbow grease, but isn't the impact enormous? I'm in love with the wrap around bench, seriously. This was the perfect renovation for a small room with such large windows. Nice work Abby!