Pink...and I'm Still Here!

So I've been really feeling pink lately. Could be because I have a little girl who's really starting to become a little lady. Could be because I'm finally seeing past a decade of all but loathing this ultimate feminine hue, and another decade of mild curiosity. Could be because we've had the coldest and wettest winter in history and I'm longing for something cheery and fun. Could be because I recently became a Mary Kay consultant and am now constantly working with pink tinted packaging and samples. Could be because my hubby picked out a pink sapphire as the center stone in my engagement ring. Maybe I'm just surrounded by pink and I'm finally giving in to the dark side! Ha!

Whatever the reason, I'm excited to show you these gorgeous party ideas from The Party Dress.

Gorgeous, right? Look closely - there's so many cute ideas! So how about you? Anyone else feeling the pink? Planning any girlie girl parties? I'd love to hear about your great ideas and posts!