Hop Hop Hop!

Spring is (finally) in the air 'round these parts (can you believe it snowed just last week?) and I'm getting excited for Easter. It's a beautiful holiday with a beautiful meaning, but even if you're not religious, or even if you are, you probably can't help but enjoy a little of the colorful whimsy that surrounds the more silly part of this holiday.

What's not to love about fuzzy bunnies and colorfully dyed eggs scattered about a fresh spring green lawn? Besides, what's a holiday without some egg-stra special treats! Here's a few gorgeous cupcake ideas from Martha.

First up, these are just about the most darling little cupcakes I've seen! Sweet little baby bluebirds nestled into dried coconut - love it!

Lollipop cupcakes with sprinkles are sure to be a great hit with the kids!

Aren't these the cutest? Just stick mini pretzels down into the frosting for a great winged butterfly effect!

As daunting as these may seem, these spring time lovelies are all pretty easy to recreate (even the extravagantly fluffy chrysanthemum cupcake up top is just layers of frosting pinwheeled around the center of the cake).

So have fun baking this time of year (I know I do!) before summer comes and you are searching for ways not to turn on your oven! Stay tuned for some cold ice cream recipes - ha!

{images courtesy of Martha Stewart}