{ Weekly Photo Feature } - Miss Mustard Seed

You may have noticed, my smartie pants readers, that I have been changing the image in the upper right hand corner of my blog depending on the season or holiday, or my latest decor or fashion fantasy. You may also have noticed (nothing gets past you, does it?) that I am now featuring an image from the super amazing gal heading up Miss Mustard Seed. Each week I'll feature a new blogger - the next one could be YOU!

You may now be wondering how to go about being featured on Bella Storia, you sly little dog you. Well, I'll tell ya! Just comment on the Weekly Photo Feature post (auto-posted every Sunday) sometime during that week and say "FEATURE ME" somewhere in the post. Mention your blog and the link to the post with your inspiring photo. Images must be of excellent quality and be creative, seasonal, artistic, inspirational, or just plain purdy. :)

So dearies, the moral of the story? Share your blog posts, check out these lovely people who inspire and make us laugh every day, and please visit Miss Mustard Seed. Seriously. I wouldn't lie about this. Like, this is practically life and death here folks. She's amazing. Just don't forget to come back to visit me once the stars are gone from your eyes and you catch your breath. ;)