{ Fabulously Frugal Finds } - Harp Back Chair

Woot! I am so excited about this latest find. I found this on a local ad site named KSL.com (for Utah, Idaho and Wyoming) for just $15! I just so happened to get some moola for my birthday and instead of saving it for later, then ultimately using it for bills (so sad), I found this lovely little number and bought it post haste! Here she is:

Doesn't she look like she'd come to life in Beauty and the Beast?

I'm totally in love with this sweet chair. After doing a little internet research, I discovered that the chair reins from the Tell City Chair Company in Indiana (since 1865!). There's an original tag on the underside of the seat, but no date. The construction is very nice and I'm totally excited to bring it back to it's old glory...possibly with a schmancy new upholstered seat (I'm not super big on the needlepoint look).

It's definitely got some damage to the finish - a smattering of chips and such - but nothing some sanding and a good coat of stain or paint won't fix. Still debating what I'm going to do for it. Suggestions? I want to keep it fairly neutral, so either a nice walnut stain or a soft antiqued cream.

I'm loving the details carved into the back and arms.

What do you think? Painted or stained? Funky fabric or soft and traditional? I can't wait to get started! And I'll be sure to post all the nitty gritty details on the transformation.