Brocade Home

W-o-w! I just discovered a new favorite site:

These things are gorgeous! I'm lovin' the cut-outs and clean lines that still feel a little antique / glamorous. Here's a few favorites:

First of all, fancy cut-out glossy white single mat chair...yes, please!

Please, oh please can I have it? My birthday is next month. I really NEED this cabinet. Pleeeeeease?!

No? No cabinet? You're right, it's a bit pricey. That's okay. I can afford this sweet little wall cubby for my mail.

Isn't this pillow divine? You've seen these rose floret pillows all over for awhile now, but have you seen one in charcoal silk? Didn't think so...

I'm going to cry I want this mirror so badly! Isn't it totally fabulous? Full length and totally glamorous!

I'm totally loving this champagne "wall decor" used as a headboard. Soft and feminine, but somehow still edgy and totally cool.

Brushed champagne chandelier, anyone?

How about in black? Check out those black baroque crystals! Love!

Um, yeah. Did I mention I'm in love with this site?

Okay, so there's a few of my recent drool-worthy finds. *sigh* If only I had about $5000 buck-a-roos to redo my living room and bedroom. One can dream, right? Until then, I'm off to buy more spray paint!