30 for 30 Winter Fashion Challenge

What have I gotten myself into? I just signed up for Kendi's 30 for 30 winter 2011 fashion challenge. Yikes! I'm a huge lover of fashion, especially for great deals on quality clothing and amazing thrifted finds. I've wanted to post some ensembles here but never seem to get around to taking photos. Well, what better way to kick start my fashion series than with a bloggerific "30 for 30"? Now, I may not be chosen (I'll know on the 31st) but even if I'm not picked to showcase my snazzy duds, I'll be looking forward to showing you some of my favorite outfits, including a series of work to weekend wear.

Happy Fashion-ing!

P.S. Woot! I took the challenge! Nevermind I'm still trying to get all the photos back off my camera from the last two weeks, or so (epic fail) but check out these posts for some of my outfits.

{image courtesy of renie.com}