Is it still October?

So what do you think? Festive, huh? Yeah, like...a month ago! Ugh. I have got to get some new decor up! The only thing I've changed from Thanksgiving was the "wish" blocks - that's different. I'm still trying to decide on a nice holiday floral arrangement. I'm thinking I might antique some white faux poinsettia blooms from last year...

And sorry about the lighting. The daylight has been so grey and bleak lately that I've been waiting and waiting to get some good shots. I finally decided that I'd be waiting until April! And what's with one shelf looking crooked? I used a level, I swear!

Good news is, we're finally getting our tree up! I'll be posting some festive photos later this week, including a simple tutorial on some adorable little pom pom accents I added this year. Stay tuned!