Look Mom, I'm a blogger!

It's finally happened. I couldn't take it anymore. The constant questioning, probing, curious stares, requests...nay, demands! I've entered Blogland.

I know, I know...so what? There's only an estimated 140 million *ahem* MILLION blogs out there, why-oh-why add even one more page to the already doubled over contents of the world wide web?

Because I wanna.

Actually, I've been asked to. No, really! I majored in Interior Design, dabble in jewelry crafting (what girl doesn't like sparklies?) and graphic design, have loved clothes since well before I planned out, listed, categorized, and thumb nailed two weeks worth of entire outfits (including shoes and accessories) for the beginning of fifth grade, and will recover, repurpose, or spray paint anything that will stand still. I guess with all these project ideas, thrifting, and journaling I do people assumed I already had a blog. Nope. Nada. A blog? Moi? Yeah well, the more I thought about it, the more it sounded totally my cup of hot cocoa (Oh how I wish I liked tea...so very British and proper).

So here I am. Hi. My name is Holly. Let's be friends, mkay?