Our New House

We've Moved!

We've finally moved into our new house!  Freshly built and ready for some serious customizing and decor, I'll be sharing our adventure all along the way!

Beginning last August 2012, and breaking ground in April 2013, we've had quite the adventure in home building and I can't wait to share photos and projects with you!  Also coming will be tips on how to purge and organize your home, plus a Moving 101 series to help you keep your sanity...'cause you know I am NOT be bringing in anything I don't need or love and putting it in our pretty new home!

Our house in the middle, just before moving in - Eeeee!

Look!  Some walls!

Go painters, go!


Foyer/Entry from Great Room

Foyer looking into Great Room and Master Suite

Kitchen appliances and capiz shell pendants

Master Dressing Room