Mom to Mom Moment | No. 1 The Beginning

Welcome to my first "Mom-to-Mom Monday!"  This is YOUR time!  This is when I answer questions from all of you, discussing the fun, the fearless, the intimidating, and the causes for celebrating!

We moms need a place to come together and connect.  After three kids, I've realized that one of the most important things I can do is take care of myself.  It's not selfish to go out with friends every once in a while, treat myself to a mani/pedi, or simply lock myself in the bathroom for a long, relaxing shower.  In fact, it's unselfish!  When a parent gets stuck in the daily routines of their children they will, over time, start to lose themselves...and that won't do any of you any good!

At first, we chalk it up to loving our kids and simply wanting to put their needs first because we want to give them everything, every moment, every ounce of energy, that we can...because we love them, SO much.  But between the carpools to soccer practice and piano lessons, endless rounds of Row Row Row Your Boat, and constant shouts of "Look at me, Mom!", our love for our children becomes overpowered by the sense that you no longer have a life that's your own.  You've given up your personal identity in lieu of mom jeans, baby wipes, and "Messy Hair, Don't Care" trucker hats.  And though you love your family to the moon and back again, you've begun to harbor resentment, and perhaps, depression has even set in.

We are going to reclaim your light!

There IS hope!

YOU are beautiful.  YOU are inspiring.  YOU have a capacity for greatness that you don't fully realize.  YOU are WORTH IT!

As I've struggled to feel inspired to create content on my blog over the past couple years, I've realized that I've been desperately seeking a way to connect with my readers.  I want to give back, even in this small way, and create a safe, trustworthy environment where women can go to receive encouragement, inspiration, and find kindred souls to give them strength!

Meet here every Monday morning for some encouragement, tips, and life hacks to help make your life easier!  I'll be sharing suggested topics from moms like you via blog and Instagram comments (Facebook to come soon!), so don't forget to leave a comment with a topic you've been struggling with, a link to an uplifting article or quote, or an experience you've had lately that I can share!

Until then...YOU'VE GOT THIS!

*Hugs & High Fives*