Quick & Easy DIY Holiday Card Display

Wanna know a secret?
I'm ALL about the instant gratification craft projects!

It's not because I have a short attention span...


...or don't have patience.  I actually love sweating over details and taking my time to get something just right.

But let's be honest, ain't nobody got time for hours and hours of baking and crafting and decorating and snow shoveling and carpooling and diaper wiping...

...I think I got off track.

The point is, if you're a busy gal like me, you've gotta get crackin' on your creative time as quickly and painlessly as possible, or it's nevah gettin' done!


It doesn't get any easier than this (unless you just prop your cards open on your piano like I did last year...ahem).

Step 1: Find a simple garland or wide satin ribbon

Step 2: Randomly clip wooden clothespins to your garland or ribbon

Step 3: Hang in conspicuous place so all your family and friends can see how creative you are

Step 4: Wait for the holiday cards to start rolling in!

My mom was visiting from California last month, and we were perusing Jo Ann's Fabrics (like you do) when I spotted some awesome looking Christmas greenery.  There was this Charlie Brown looking garland that looked a little barren for a big fancy mantel, but it was the perfect strand for a card display!  Totally had the idea right there in the store.  It was a beautiful moment, folks.

You may also remember the garland from our DIY Candy Advent Calendar post.  So easy, so cute, such a great way to use up all that leftover Halloween candy - ha!


Q: Where do you display your holiday cards?  Do you come up with brilliant, totally original, ideas only to find that a bah-zillion other people (like your neighbor and mother-in-law and dentist) have already been doing it basically since birth?  No new ideas, they say.  Bah!  New to me!  Am I right?  Go forth in your personal originality, I say!