Stubble, Stationary, and Stalling

WARNING: Ramblings to ensue.  Feel free to scroll down for Christmas stocking stuff/neighbor gift ideas.  You've been warned.

Fun Fact:  Somehow, this pregnancy has meant significantly less stubble on legs and arms and such (yay!). Too bad it's winter and I'm covering all my hairless self up in sweaters and jeggings.

Less Fun Fact:  This pregnancy has also meant my eyelashes have paled and diminished to the point that even heavy duty volumizing mascara fails to impress.


Sad times.

In other news, I might actually get my Christmas cards out before Valentine's Day.  Woot woot.

In other, other news, I found out last night that our home builder has (still) not submitted our paperwork to the county for permits because they are missing, like, $5 out of THOUSANDS that we've put down for this home.  Someone told someone who contacted someone else who dropped the ball and is only now telling us we owe a little more money before they can submit.  UGH (say it in your most frustrated, throaty Charlie Brown voice) - UGGGHHHHHH!

So yeah.  My Christmas cards may be going out before Valentine's Day, but I'll still be living in my small town home, pining away for my sun room and walk-in closet and 6 foot shower.  Waaaah!  Who's with me?  C'mon, all together now...waaaaaaaaaah!

Okay, boo-hoo me.

Hope y'all will have a great holiday season, despite my hairless, homeless tragedies (ha!).  Here's a few cute holiday gift ideas to impress your neighbor friends (or kids)!

SUCH a cute idea!  Milky Way, mini candy canes, and Teddy Grahams...sure to impress the kiddos!

Colored Rice Krispie ornaments (use Rolos for the toppers).  Love!

Who doesn't love getting some yummy smelling Bath and Body (plus, they have an amazing return policy, just in case the scent you choose makes them break out in hives - I kid, I kid.  But seriously...)?  Plus, this paint card "tree" is darling - and free!

Haha!  Thank you Whopper, for making me smile.  Rudolph is just so dang adorable.  Do you remember the old stop-motion animated cartoon?  I always liked the misfit white elephant with polka dots...

Definitely a gag gift (I'm thinking of giving this to my coworkers as a joke) or funny as holiday party favors!

Sweet idea for your girlfriends, babysitters, gals at work, etc.  Go for bold holiday red and green, or pick a subtle gold or silver shimmer for your less adventurous friends.

We've all seen the cute (and tasty) hot cocoa gift ensembles for neighbors - don't forget the details!  Dip plastic spoons in melted chocolate bits and embellish with mini marshmallows and tiny chocolate chips.  Great for families!

Wanna be a little more sophisticated?  Melt the chocolate and add crushed candy canes or metallic sugar!

More peppermint bliss - dip old fashioned peppermint candy sticks into melted chocolate, then roll in crushed pretzels.  You'll be in heaven, I promise!

{Images via Pinterest}